Sherab Chamma Ling, Tibetan Bön Buddhist Centre

Sherab Chamma Ling is created as a place to teach and practice dharma and to preserve the Tibetan Bön religion and culture. 

While the centre is in the Yungdrung Bön tradition of Buddhism, all races, beliefs, teachers and practitioners are welcome.  The centre is administered by a non-profit society.


We are blessed to have Geshe YongDong as the founder and our Spiritual Director.
Our vision and mission:
To create & maintain a meditation retreat centre, Sherab Chamma Ling;
To Preserve Bön, the native religion of Tibet & its culture;
To Spread Bön teachings by cultivating practitioners & scholars in the west;
To Support & sustain a Spiritual Director & visiting teachers.The centre and society are dedicated to raising and/or securing funds to purchase land and buildings to create a Tibetan Yungdrung Bön international teaching and retreat centre.

2015 Spring Retreat

Introduction to the Tibetan Bardo

This weekend retreat will focus on discovering the Tibetan view of the Bardo

The well known Tibetan Book of the Dead (Book of Natural Liberation through Hearing) is implicitly a book about life - it is about how to live, as well as a guidebook on how to die. The main focus is the development of a clear picture and understanding of what to expect, with methods for the living to practice in preparation for death of oneself or others. Whatever your religion or beliefs, there are countless books and information on what the afterlife; heaven; or nirvana will be like. Who will guide you there; who will meet you there; the sounds, the lights, the smells, the sights?

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Geshe YongDong was born in the village of Nagpa, Amdo, Tibet in 1969. His childhood years were spent much like that of any other Tibetan boy at that time. He had a large extended family of many aunts and uncles... Read More

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