Geshe YongDong presents ‘Bon Da’

GesheLa is pleased to introduce his new Chanting CD, ‘Bon Da’. These mantras are some of the most well-known in the Tibetan Bon community and sangha. His wish is that they will be enjoyed and a benefit to all.

Here are two sample tracks from the CD:

The suggested donation cost for each CD:

1 CD $18.00 each (plus shipping/postage)
2 CD $28.00 (plus shipping/postage)
3 CD $34.00 (plus shipping/postage)

  • Bon Da CD
  • - Canadian or U.S. funds – sorry we are unable to offer rate of exchange.
  • - Shipping/postage in Canada or U.S.A. is approximately $5.00.

Please use pay pal only, we are not able to accept cheques or money orders.
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Geshe YongDong was born in the village of Nagpa, Amdo, Tibet in 1969. His childhood years were spent much like that of any other Tibetan boy at that time. He had a large extended family of many aunts and uncles... Read More

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